New Growth Organics is a friend & family-run farm in a bright, arid valley, amongst the rolling hills of San Benito County.  

NGO began in 2010 as an organic farming concept that would provide high quality, affordable products. The project soon became labor of love between close friends and family, and the main farm was built in the hot summer of 2016. From the raised beds and water lines, to greenhouse ceilings, this farm was built on the backs of marijuana enthusiasts. Our plants are grown in the soil that we continually build and adjust, so it's teeming with the best kinds of microbial life.  We feed the plants a strict diet of purely organic nutrients and compost teas, never using any synthetic fertilizers or harsh pesticides. 

Today, New Growth Organics is proud to be a purpose-driven company dedicated to producing top-shelf, organically cultivated cannabis, using sustainable practices, and selling it at a reasonable price.